My ED story

in 1995 in  my mid forties, I experienced my very first erectile disfunction and change of life in men that is today called Andropause. Andropause is a condition that is associated with the decrease in the male hormone testosterone. It is unlike menopause in that the decrease in testosterone and the development of symptoms is more gradual than what occurs in women. But going back to 1995, there was no such term back then. Actually during that time, there was no internet, no viagra, no cell phones, in short, erectile disfunction and change of life in men, was a well kept secret, I suspect, was guarded in men through shame and a sense of failure. As man of Latin American descent, it felt like a betrayal, and  not just the older men in my family but by Life itself.

Back then we had wired rotary dial phones and the yellow pages to list professional services. The only medical professionals in the area of the male sexual reproduction were Urologists. I immediately made an appointment and when I arrived a few days later and sat in the waiting room, I picked up the only brochures that were available. They were brochures on penile implants. I nearly fainted! Here’s are they worked:

If this what Manhood was destined to lead to with age, and mind you, I was just in my 40’s, I did not want to live.
My consultation with the urologist who explained that all men go through what I was going through, he included himself, and his suggestion was that I consider speaking with a good therapist to balance my emotional state on the matter. Not believing that he was giving me a truthful or intelligent answer, I booked a different urologist to get second opinion only to receive the same message.

Out of utter depression and despair I want to an bookstore called East West Books in Union Square in New York city where I lived,  and began to search for anything that would give me answer. That’s when I can across a book that totally change my life.

I look back at those times more than 25 years ago, and consider myself so fortunate that Viagra had not yet been created. For had it existed back then, I might have easily taken the easy road I would have never learned what I know today about about our sexual power and its intrinsic relationship to our health, our emotions intelligence, and even our spiritual evolution as sexual being. My mission is to bring this power into the lives of any man seeking to understand his true nature.  Feel free to get onto my free newsletter where you receive the trainings and practices I now know and teach to others.