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Even up to my now age of  70, I have observed a truth that continues to be reaffirmed to this very day.

Traditional Chinese Healing Arts

In 2016, I combined my knowledge of the Taoist healing practices with Drew DiVittorio, a professor in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on 5 elements nutrition and herbalism, to together create the Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Academy.

Taoist Healing Arts

The Taoist Healing Arts encompasses all of the training and practices received from Master Mantak Chia if which I am today certified with. Theses trainig provide the foundational practices of the Tao Basics, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, and Tai Chi.

Mastering Tango

Even though retired from 20 year long career as a Professional Ballroom and Latin dancer, all of my knowledge, skill, and new enlightenments now resume through my love for the Argentine tango.

Sex, Love & Intimacy

No greater forces in our lives generates the greatest pleasures as well as the greatest pains than our experiences with Sex, Love, and Intimacy