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What is it to be a Man? To explore how we might answer that for ourselves begins with the men who came before us and whose history we inherited.
We were all delivered into this Life through a Man and a Woman, our mother and our father. We are a composite of that man and woman who themselves, live though their respective mothers and fathers. If we are to understand who we area as a man, we must consider, the line of all the men in our family line that have been passed down into us through our genetic inheritance.

Secondly, we are man, as distinct from woman, through our body’s resources and capabilities to create children. As man, we provide our sperm to unite within a woman’s body, where a new life begins conception.Through our sexuality we are incomplete, as creators of Life, where only through our union we become whole ans complete as a Man or a Woman.

If we are to comprehend our truest nature as a Man at its most fundamental beginnings, we must consider our our Father, and the line of men that he came from, as well as the men that came through our mother’s line beginning with her father. As children, we, as men, are drawn to our mothers through our undeveloped yet nevertheless present, polarity. As we mature into sexual puberty, we must break the strong bond to our mother in order to transfer that bond to a woman who will enter in our lives as a life partner. Here a man is able to access a greater sense of his Manhood by now deepening his bond with his father.

These are only the beginnings of how we come into an awareness and therefor an ability to access the power of our Manhood. I would venture to say that the majority or our confusions and uncertainties of who we are as men can be for the most part resolved at anytime we are able to revisit these beginnings.

I created Man Evolve groups in 2005 in New York City as a fellowship of men committed to exploring and defining, for themselves, who they were as men. The models of Socratic dialogue forms the basis of how our meetings are conducted. It allowed each man to arrive at their own enlightenment and in their own time.

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